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    Family: North American T3J/T-39 Sabreliner
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    s/n 60-3500 USAF, c/n 265-28

    s/n 60-3503 USAF, c/n 265-31

    s/n 61-0641 USAF, c/n 265-44

    s/n 61-0660 USAF, c/n 265-63

    s/n 61-0681 USAF, c/n 265-84

    s/n 62-4475 USAF, c/n 276-28

    s/n 62-4477 USAF, c/n 276-30, c/r N269Y

    s/n 62-4500 USAF, c/n 276-53

    s/n 59-2868 USAF

    s/n 60-3483 USAF

    s/n 60-3492 USAF

    s/n 60-3493 USAF

    s/n 60-3495 USAF

    s/n 60-3497 USAF

    s/n TG077

    s/n 60-3505 USAF

    s/n 60-3508 USAF

    s/n 61-0635 USAF

    s/n 61-0638 USAF

    s/n 61-0647 USAF

    s/n 61-0650 USAF

    s/n 61-0651 USAF

    s/n 61-0653 USAF

    s/n 61-0654 USAF

    s/n 61-0662 USAF

    s/n 61-0668 USAF

    s/n 61-0671 USAF

    s/n 62-4450 USAF

    s/n 62-4452 USAF

    s/n 62-4455 USAF, c/r XA-TJU

    s/n 62-4456 USAF

    s/n 62-4459 USAF

    s/n 62-4462 USAF

    s/n 62-4464 USAF

    s/n 62-4465 USAF

    s/n 62-4466 USAF

    s/n 62-4467 USAF

    s/n 62-4469 USAF

    s/n 62-4473 USAF

    s/n 62-4482 USAF

    s/n 62-4483 USAF

    s/n 62-4490 USAF

    s/n 62-4497 USAF

    s/n 62-4498 USAF

    c/r XB-AYJ

    c/r CP-2317

    NA-265 Sabreliner

    c/r N160W

    c/r N336RJ

    c/r N804PA

    c/r N6GV

    c/r N77GU

    c/r N432CC

    c/r N265WB

    c/r N77AP

    c/r N881MC

    c/r N101L

    c/r N757R

    c/r N620M

    c/r N67KM

    c/r N85

    c/r N545C

    c/r N9503Z

    c/r N7509V

    c/r N80E

    c/r N360J

    c/r N73G

    c/r N5107

    c/r N1903W

    c/r N253MZ

    c/r N739R

    c/r N5565

    c/r N2007

    c/r N2009

    c/r N999BS

    c/r N360N

    c/r N6NR

    c/r N1001G

    NA-265-25 Sabreliner

    c/r N2574E

    NA-265-40 Sabreliner

    c/n 282-117, c/r N265SC

    c/n 282-25, c/r I-NICK

    c/n 282-33, c/r N168W

    c/n 282-72, c/r N307NT

    c/r N116SC

    c/r N317NT

    c/r N730CP

    c/r N8500

    c/r N10SL

    c/r N250EC

    c/r N7KG

    c/r N40ZA

    c/r N430MP

    c/r N64MG

    c/r N376RP

    c/r N4PH

    c/r N73DR

    c/r N409GL

    c/r N70ES

    c/r N40NS

    c/r N408CC

    c/r N44NR

    c/r N41NR

    c/r N2006

    c/r N881DM

    c/r N30BE

    c/r N43WL

    c/r N41GS

    c/r N900CS

    c/r N131BH

    c/r N311NT

    c/r N304NT

    c/r N315NT

    c/r N87CM

    c/r N123CD

    c/r N8AF

    c/r N61RH

    c/r N314NT

    c/r N303NT

    c/r N467H

    c/r N306NT

    c/r N34AM

    c/r N312NT

    c/r N567DW

    c/r N40LB

    c/r N339PM

    c/r N4492V

    c/r N408TR

    c/r N40BP

    c/r N240AC

    c/r N64MA

    c/r N333GM

    c/r N34W

    c/r N47VL

    c/r N905KB

    c/r N282CA

    c/r N225LS

    c/r N64DH

    c/r N256CT

    c/r N110FS

    c/r N316NT

    c/r N309NT

    c/r N325K

    c/r N145G

    c/r N305NT

    c/r N49RJ

    c/r N706A

    c/r N3280G

    c/r N630N

    c/r N707FH

    c/r N48CG

    c/r N310NT

    c/r N111AC

    c/r N40WH

    c/r N302NT

    c/r N82ML

    c/r N2254B

    c/r N2255B

    c/r N399P

    c/r N301NT

    c/r N308NT

    c/r N66ES

    c/r N825SB

    c/r N313NT

    c/r N767JH

    c/r N211BR {2}

    c/r N502RR

    c/r N74MJ

    c/r N104SL

    c/r N921JG

    c/r N854RB

    c/r N77AT

    c/r N19BG

    c/r N107CJ

    c/r N40GT

    c/r N63SL

    c/r N99114

    c/r N75MD

    c/r N82R

    c/r N240JR

    c/r N40NJ

    c/r N68ML

    c/r N300CH

    c/r N940CC

    c/r N50CD

    c/r N4469F

    c/r N555PT

    c/r N221PH

    c/r N85DA

    c/r N1909D

    c/r N43CF

    c/r N600R

    c/r N1863T

    c/r N800CS

    c/r N140RF

    c/r N4469N

    c/r N957CC

    c/r N257TM

    c/r N140MM

    c/r N39RG {2}

    c/r N86

    c/r N88

    c/r N89

    c/r N3298D

    c/r N747E

    NA-265-40A Sabreliner

    c/n 282-121, c/r N8349N

    NA-265-50 Sabreliner

    c/n 287-1, c/r N50CR

    NA-265-60 Sabreliner

    c/n 306-110, c/r XB-HJS

    c/n 306-12, c/r XC-AA26

    c/n 306-122, c/r N110JG

    c/n 306-5, c/r N161CM

    c/n 306-57, c/r XA-RLS

    c/n 306-60, c/r N15HF

    c/n 306-94, c/r N348W

    c/r N359WJ

    c/r N946JR

    c/r N378D

    c/r N70HL

    c/r N234DC

    c/r N65795

    c/r N65796

    c/r N65797

    c/r N65798

    c/r N65799

    c/r N743R

    c/r N113T

    c/r N990PA

    c/r N39CB

    c/r N41RG

    c/r N1GM

    c/r N48WS

    c/r N28HH

    c/r N60DD

    c/r N117JL

    c/r N60ML

    c/r N306CF

    c/r N131JR

    c/r N265U

    c/r N468RB

    c/r N282WW

    c/r N921MB

    c/r N26SQ

    c/r N141SL

    c/r N143DZ

    c/r N2519E

    c/r N730CA {1}

    c/r N401MS

    c/r N50DG

    c/r N36RZ

    c/r N616TR

    c/r N600GL

    c/r N103TA

    c/r N353CA

    c/r N104SS

    c/r N274CA

    c/r N3278

    c/r N562R

    c/r N82197

    c/r N121JE

    c/r N115CR

    c/r N169RF

    c/r N642RP

    c/r N4NT

    c/r N645CC

    c/r N601GL

    c/r N60JC

    c/r N955R

    c/r N699RD

    c/r N33TR {1}

    c/r N529CF

    c/r N10LX

    c/r N1JX

    c/r N162JB

    c/r N978R

    c/r N74BS

    c/r N64AM

    c/r N71CC

    c/r N11LX

    c/r N86CP

    c/r N787R

    c/r N477X

    c/r N539PG

    c/r N813BR

    c/r N59K

    c/r N265GM

    c/r N211BR {1}

    c/r N4LG

    c/r N265MK

    c/r N33JW

    c/r N507U

    c/r N124VC

    c/r N531AB

    c/r N66GZ

    c/r N60SE

    c/r N60SQ

    c/r N300RC

    c/r N700AU

    c/r N22MY

    c/r N789SG

    c/r N97SC {1}

    c/r N111F

    c/r N2145J

    c/r N18X

    c/r N702JR

    c/r N60JN

    c/r N741RC

    c/r N44DD

    c/r N600SJ

    c/r N5075L

    c/r N155EC

    c/r N60HC

    c/r N743UP

    c/r N60DE

    c/r N31CJ

    c/r N771WB

    c/r N160CF

    c/r N633SL

    c/r N747RC

    c/r N436CC

    c/r N230A

    c/r N306SA

    c/r N856MA

    c/r N128JC

    c/r N562MS

    c/r N19U

    c/r N311RM

    c/r N265DP

    c/r N97SC

    c/r N90EC

    c/r N61FB

    c/r N30CC

    c/r N99FF

    c/r N60TG

    c/r XA-RFB

    c/r N22CG

    c/r N86RM

    c/r N660RM

    c/r N315JM

    c/r N15DJ

    c/r N124DC

    NA-265-60SSC Sabreliner

    c/r N442RM

    NA-265-65 Sabreliner

    c/n 465-68, c/r N888UP

    c/n 465-72, c/r N465SP

    c/r N56MW

    c/r N65HH

    c/r N95TL

    c/r N25VC

    c/r N75HE

    c/r N74VC

    c/r N696US

    c/r N91BZ

    c/r N124SD

    c/r N173A

    c/r N701FW {2}

    c/r N65JR

    c/r N22CS

    c/r N42DC

    c/r N770MD

    c/r N4CS

    c/r N66GE

    c/r N779CS

    c/r N65BT

    c/r N465SC

    c/r N670AC

    c/r N329Z

    c/r N265VP

    c/r N47SE

    c/r N65AK

    c/r N65MC

    c/r N465PD

    c/r N850CC

    c/r N901CD

    c/r N861SS

    c/r N800M

    c/r N799MW

    c/r N65T

    c/r N74BJ

    c/r N265DS

    c/r N307ST

    c/r N33TR {2}

    c/r N265CP

    c/r N697US

    c/r N241H

    c/r N920DY

    c/r N69WU

    c/r N96RE

    c/r N465BC

    c/r N65SR

    c/r N499NH

    c/r N355CD

    c/r N670H

    c/r N35CQ

    c/r N88BF

    c/r N117JW

    c/r N265WS

    c/r N2NL

    c/r N964C

    c/r N921CC

    c/r N65ML

    c/r N58HT

    c/r N75VC

    c/r N651MK

    c/r N700JC

    c/r N570R

    c/r N376D {2}

    c/r N25SR

    c/r N889RA

    Identification Pending

    c/r N395GA

    c/r N23BX

    c/r XB-RSC

    NA-265-70 Sabreliner

    c/r N7572N

    c/r N10M

    c/r N125NX

    c/r N726JR

    c/r N265SR

    c/r N29019

    c/r N70HC

    c/r N370SL

    NA-265-80 Sabreliner

    c/n 380-15, c/r N424R

    c/n 380-18, c/r N127MS

    c/n 380-20, c/r N109SB

    c/n 380-31, c/r N75CN

    c/n 380-38, c/r N316EQ

    c/r N670C

    c/r N933JC

    c/r N100EJ

    c/r N151TB

    c/r N75BS

    c/r N65761

    c/r N53

    c/r N801FT

    c/r N111Y

    c/r N80TN

    c/r N406PW

    c/r N380MS

    c/r N800CD

    c/r N400RS

    c/r N2200A

    c/r N60

    c/r N71543

    c/r N42799

    c/r N198GB

    c/r N802FT

    c/r N774W

    c/r N11887

    c/r N14TN

    c/r N400NR

    c/r N2265Z

    c/r N380GK

    c/r N33RZ

    c/r N100BP

    c/r N265KC

    c/r N71460

    c/r N380CF

    c/r N929CG

    c/r N380FP

    c/r N120KC

    c/r N22NB

    c/r N75A

    c/r N83AB

    c/r N184PC

    c/r N60SL

    c/r N727US

    c/r N448W

    c/r N942CC

    c/r N69JN

    c/r N819GY

    c/r N547JL

    c/r N110AJ

    c/r N80HK

    c/r N500NL

    c/r N995RD

    c/r N52

    c/r N72028

    c/r N131MS

    c/r N219TT

    c/r N97SC {2}

    c/r N64

    c/r N377HS

    c/r N105HD

    c/r N80KR

    c/r N753TW

    c/r N90C

    c/r N179S

    c/r N8267D

    c/r N85DW

    c/r N818DW

    c/r N3RP

    c/r N972NR

    Sabreliner Series 40 [NA-282]

    c/n 282-118, c/r PT-JNJ

    c/r XB-JGI

    Sabreliner Series 60 [NA-306]

    c/n 306-118, c/r N607CF

    c/n 306-18, c/r N29PB

    Sabreliner Series 65 [NA-465]

    c/n 465-022, c/r N883RA

    Sabreliner Series 75A [NA-380]

    c/r AE402

    T-39A Sabreliner

    s/n 60-3489 USAF, c/n 265-17

    s/n 60-3504 USAF, c/n 265-32, c/r N3504

    s/n 60-3481 USAF, c/n 265-9

    s/n 62-4478 USAF, c/n 276-31

    s/n 60-3488 USAF, c/n 60-3488, c/r N431NA {2}

    s/n 59-2869 USAF, c/r N4999G

    s/n 61-0634 USAF

    s/n 61-0674 USAF

    s/n 61-0680 USAF, c/r N32010

    s/n 61-0649 USAF, c/r N1064

    s/n 61-0669 USAF

    s/n 62-4480 USAF, c/r N39FS

    Identification Pending

    s/n 62-4484 USAF

    Identification Pending

    CT-39A Sabreliner

    s/n 60-3494 USAF, c/n 265-22

    s/n 61-0659 USAF, c/n 265-62, c/r XA-TNP

    s/n 61-0677 USAF, c/n 265-80, c/r N9166Y

    s/n 61-0682 USAF, c/n 265-85

    s/n 61-0685 USAF, c/n 265-88

    s/n 62-4461 USAF, c/n 276-14

    s/n 62-4481 USAF, c/n 276-34, c/r N741MT

    s/n 62-4487 USAF, c/n 276-40

    s/n 62-4492 USAF, c/n 276-45, c/r N1SJ

    s/n 60-3490 USAF, c/r N8052V

    s/n 61-0639 USAF, c/r N21092

    s/n 61-0679 USAF, c/r N6581E

    c/r N1929P

    s/n 62-4474 USAF, c/r XA-TDX

    T-39A-1-NA Sabreliner [NA-265] - North American, Inglewood, California, USA

    s/n 61-0664 USAF, c/n 265-67

    s/n 59-2873 USAF, c/n 270-1

    T-39A-1-NO Sabreliner [NA-276]

    s/n 62-4449 USAF, c/n 276-2

    s/n 62-4472 USAF, c/n 276-25, c/r N39RG {1}

    s/n 62-4493 USAF, c/n 276-46

    s/n 62-4494 USAF, c/n 276-47

    c/r N2295V

    c/r N7043U

    c/r N510TA

    c/r N6113Y

    c/r N510TD

    c/r N7143N

    c/r N510TB

    c/r N4313V

    c/r N6CF

    c/r N31403

    c/r N988MT

    c/r N6552R

    c/r N4314B

    c/r N63611

    c/r N65618

    c/r N63811

    T-39D Sabreliner

    s/n 151342 USN, c/n 285-31

    s/n 150985 USN, c/r N32508

    s/n 150987 USN

    s/n 150989 USN

    s/n 151340 USN

    T-39D Sabreliner [NA-277]

    s/n 150970 USN, c/n 285-1, c/r N431NA {1}

    c/r N960M

    c/r N959M

    c/r N956M

    c/r N957M

    c/r N961M

    T-39D Sabreliner [NA-285]

    s/n 151338 USN, c/n 285-27

    s/n 150542 USN

    T-39E Sabreliner

    c/r N958M

    c/r N425NA

    CT-39E Sabreliner [NA-282]

    s/n 158383

    T-39G Sabreliner

    s/n 158844 USN, c/n 306-55

    CT-39G Sabreliner [NA-306]

    s/n 160056 USN

    T-39N Sabreliner [NA-282]

    s/n 165511 USN, c/n 282-029

    s/n 165523 USN

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